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I am no photography buff. Honestly don't know squat about it. Since I recently got a new camera, I've been taking a few more photos. Thought I'd share a few outdoor ones. Not all are from PA, but many are...

Female tiger swallowtail(yellow form)on a common milkweed

Turk's Cap Lily(my favorite wild flower)

beebalm(red flower), spotted touch-me-not(orange flower), flat topped aster(white flower) and a touch of crown vetch(pink flower)


Cut-leaf coneflower

yellow buckeye

a rare American chestnut that grew large enough to produce nuts

Pink turtlehead(large pink flower), hay scented fern and an unknown species of wild flower(if you can ID it, let me know)

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia(You can see where they get their name from!)

The Smokey Mountains of North Carolina(You can see where they get their name from!)

Wild ponies in Virginia(if wild ponies where in PA, how many would get shot being mistaken for deer?)

Frasier fir, red spruce and American mountain ash

Pretty rock wall over a creek

Wild columbine

Pretty greens of spring with high flows

What fox squirrels look like in North Carolina(yes, you can hunt them there, bag limit of one a day)

I hope you enjoyed a few of my photos...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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