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A few from Saturday

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They put some nice ones in and we had a good time. We didn't go out at all last year and it was great to get back on the ice. We were catching them on mealworms and minnows in fairly shallow water. All brooks and browns except for one lost rainbow.
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Nice, That's a hefty fish there. We always have a good time catching trout through the ice. Most were caught in shallow water. I wish Hereford Manor was still around
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Nice, use to love to ice fish.
Rabbitslayer.. You didn't say what lake? Looks like 2-mile???
As much as I love Two Mile... no. We do extremely well from the boat but I've never done very well through the ice there. This lake is farther South.
You are a tough nut to crack Rabbit..LOL The secret to 2 mile is to fish in 1-2 foot of water. I've caught most of my trout right at the access point... and to the right....

I think I know where you were!
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I'll narrow it down. North Park Lake, Harbor Acres, and Bessemer. I'm going to try to go out again tomorrow afternoon depending on the ice conditions. I'm afraid it might not be too good. Stupid mid week rain !
Something funny about 2 mile... I've been going up there long enough to remember when there was no ground out from the main stream that flows in up to the left of the launch. That all used to be shallow water. In the last 15-20 years (OH my GOD I'm getting old) That has silted in and started growing weeds and a little brush. I'm so glad they are putting a new launch in down by the beach. I'll even be glad to pay to use it if they decide to charge.
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