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A Buck Named Hal

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This guy has been showing up on our cameras for three years now. A friend in a camp close to us had him four years ago as a 1 horned 3 point. So at a minimum, he is a 4 year old, but I would guess closer to 5 or 6.

This was after rifle season in 2014

This was last summer

And this was last week:

All of this pics are screenshots from videos. In the 2014 pictures, he bolted in the next shot. In the video from last week, that was as far as he came into frame.
He is one of two bucks that I have seen that reacts to "blackflash" or "No glow" trail cams. In the video last week he stepped right back out of the frame and then you could hear him walk behind the camera.

To say that this guy is smart is an understatement. I dont know if he was wounded at a young age or if this is genetic, but I havent seen any signs of other younger bucks like him.
He completely disappears every season; a true ghost. A close friend of ours had an opportunity at him two years ago in the rut, but he turned at the last second and never presented a shot. He is solidly in second place on our kill list and most certainly a shoot on sight buck.

In the video last week you can just barely catch the tip of his G2 on the right side, and it is easily approaching or better than 12". I just wish he had that other side, but he is still an amazing buck and would be a true trophy to harvest.
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Cool pics!
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