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I posted this in the fly fishing section too, but since carp were added here I thought some of you might appreciate this. One of my goals this summer was to land a carp on the fly rod. I got a big Channel Cat last summer while trying for carp: (The picture is blurry b/c I forget I had take the autofocus off the night before)

Fly rod Catfish by Jason Weller, on Flickr

So with the trout streams pretty much dried up, I decided to give the carp a full afternoon of attention. I spotted a school of about 7-8 BIG carp, began my stalk and two hours later I was hooked up. Fought him for about 15 minutes, got him in shallow water and went to tail him and as soon as my hand touched him he took off like I had prodded him with a hot iron. 10 minutes later I finally subdued him enough for a picture. He was around 35-36" give or take an inch. What a fight on the 8wt. Had another one come off on the first run and another came un-buttoned after about a 15 minute battle. Should be a great summer if I can keep finding them when they are feeding.

Just a Big Minnow by Jason Weller, on Flickr
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