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870 barrel

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I just got my 870 cantilevered barrel in from Cabelas last night. I open it up, put it on my gun, and notice that cantilever is crooked. 2/3 of the cantilever body is hanging left of the center line of sight on the gun. Not that I really wanted to play around with the setup of a brand new barrel but Remington and Cabelas both told me there was nothing I could do to straighten it out. I'm sure tired of getting faulty products. It feels like any time I spend any kind of money I have to deal with someone on the phone at customer service and wait another week or 2 before it's all said and done.
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I've never had a problem with any Remington barrel, I have 6 for my 870's. I have however, seen problems with other brands made for Remington's.
take it back
I'll sell you one for 125.00
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