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Just a heads up to any 5.45 shooters out there.

The ATF has effectively just banned/is in the process of banning imports of the surplus 7n6 steel core 5.45. Apparently it is due to pistols being manufactured in 5.45, which makes the ammo now fall under the armor piercing ammo ban already in place.

This all started about a week ago, so information is still scarce, however a lot of industry insiders are working on obtaining a more official statement, and finding a method to challenge this in court.
Here is a link to one blog beginning to explain it.

Even if you don't shoot this caliber, or this type of ammo, you should be outraged but the arbitrary actions of the ATF/Obama administration infringing on your rights.

Edit: it's nearly pointless to try to buy this now online as it has been sold out everywhere over the last few days, and what's left has been doubled in price, so check your LGS if you want to try to stock up.

So it is clear, the commercial 5.45 ammo is not being banned, but the market on it will likely be unstable for quite some time.
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