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54 cal lyman deerstalker flinter

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Guys, I recently picked up one for my kid for Xmas..
Can I get some load suggestions for this set up?
Only owned 50's in past 1st venture into 54's
Any suggestions feedback help would be appreciated
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90 grains 2f try a 10 or 15 thousands patch with a 530 roundball. Use 4 f in the pan.
Guess it depends on the size of your Kid?? If He/She is on the small size i would try 60grs. of 2F. In a light flinter i think that would be a manageable in the recoil and Kaboom world. Should punch a nice hole in a Pa. Deer.....
Lymans cut rifling deep.Patches of .018-.020 are better at giving a good seal.
If your kid is not use to shooting a Flintlock, I would suggest placing a charge in the pan and pulling the trigger a few times. This is a great way to get over flinching.
Thanks guys, no he's a full sized dude... Where does time go, lol
I know cause he looks me right in eye, lol..
He is scholastic trap shooter so recoil, oomph not an issue..
Just wld like to get it to a load tht works frm start... & u guys r I figured I'd ask...
BTW, When I bought it gent gave me box of .54 caliber/ 435 grain maxi hunters w/ natural lube 1,000 plus...which I know nothing about any ideas experience for those
Try the .530 RB with a .018 patch and somewhere between 80-100grs of FFg.Shorter barrel 1:48 twist is probably going to like 85-90grs.
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