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50 pound flathead catfish

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Has a 50 pound flathead ever been documented in PA?
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No there has not been one documented. State record is just over 48lbs. I do think there are flatheads over 50lbs in this state.
actually, I believe one was....during an electro-fishing outing a few years back......same lake the record came from, but different end of said lake.
And, I do believe there have been some unofficial ones taken in the Pittsburgh area rivers but never kept for "official" measuring. They were C & R'd. I am sure they are out there.
Don't think any 50 pounders brought in yet but....My fishin/huntin friend Gentleben here took due honors in taking the 2009 Largest Flathead Cattie per entered at PF&BC with a hefty 40 pounder!!!!

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I have heard of some #50's being caught in Pa., just not registered. I know of 4 over #40 that came form the Susky. last year. In "08" I got a #45, #44, and 3 over #35. I know a guy that got a #46 Flat. and a #33 Channel around the Pitt. area. In "09" I got 3 or 4 over #35 and 1 just shy of #40. I know a guy that got a #42 in the spring of this year. It is just a matter of time. Hey loggy, you guys get that one from Aldred?
KENLAW76 said:
..... Hey loggy, you guys get that one from Aldred?
He caught it on the Ohio River.
i know they just pulled a 41#er out of blackrock 2 weeks ago
Do you know if they got it above or below the dam? I know below the dam get crazy on the weekends. It looks like opening day of trout. LOL
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