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Figuring your longest shot will be 100 yards....and this is assuming you have had some practice with the 44 magnum....and this would be a shot with the gun placed on a solid fence post or log....those 225 Hornady's will be all you need to take down any Pa. whitetail no matter what the size.

Any shot over 100 yards with a 44 magnum handgun is probably not ethical.

I load a 200 gr. Hornady XTP over 24.4gr. of Vihtavouri N-110 powder. This gives me an average of 1500fps velocity from my 6.5" Smith Model 29. I haven't chronographed the rubber gummie 225gr. Hornady's, but when I shot them from my Model 29, using the same point of aim, they hit the exact same spot that my handload 200 grainers do.

So, that tells me those 225 grain bullets are flyin at 1500fps or maybe even a tad faster. Good bullets. Very consistent velocity. And those rubber tips will expand and thump 'em good.

I've killed 3 doe with my 200 grain XTP load. Bang drop....get up....drop. I wouldn't think twice about using the FTX bullet. I'm sure it would do the same.


1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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