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for pa deer i would use 200 or 220 hps or the hornady levers you really dont need the full heavy kickers for pa deer.. for about 3 years i shot 180 fp and droped 4 deer i hit with them... if your gona reload the bigest thing is finding a load that will do two things.. taim recoil and group good.. the bullet will do the rest.. for the first year i had my ruger superblack hawk i shot every thing that would take down a T-rex then was plinking once with 180 remingtons they were easy to shoot thats when i scaled it back a lot ...

but all my hunting handguns in pistol cal. all eat hornady if thers one bullet that i would swear every thing on its the XTP's
any thing u hit with that thing is going down... get a few boxes of that some H110 and some trail boss and thats all you will ever need.. if you want to jump up to big critters get your self a box of 300 XTPs that will drop every thing else in gods green earth

i started shooting with a handgun about 8 years ago.. bigest advice i can tell you is this.. shoot a mild load.. shoot a lot to get used to were the gun hits.. and get a good set of shooting sticks... i use the stony point shooting sticks and have the 3rd leg for it comes in real nice when your kneeling or on your tail side taken a break.. but if i know ill be walking a lot i use ther hiking stick

and haven a red dot helped me alot out over irons tock me from the 50 yard range to 100 yards
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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