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.40 S&W ammo

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I needed some fmj. 40 S&W ammo to qualify tomorrow. I went to Kinseys, the handgun ammo shelves were pretty bare. They had a couple of boxes of 20 hollow point .40 S&W but no fmj. They also had a 3 box limit on ammo. I left and went to the trop, their shelves weren't much better than Kinseys and they had a 2 box limit. I found two boxes of 50 fmj , the last two on the shelf and bought both, if there had been more I would have bought more. This hoarding of ammo is good for the manufacturers but it stinks for gun owners.
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I am ok for now thanks, I carry hollow point ammo but for qualification I use les expensive ammo, fmj. Thank you for asking.
Will do, thanks.
Thanks much for the offer, I qualified today, I needed 50 rds for that and I found 2 boxes of 50fmj and bought both. I will be checking the stores periodically and stocking up a little. Thanks for your generous offer.
Thanks to all.
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