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.40 S&W ammo

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I needed some fmj. 40 S&W ammo to qualify tomorrow. I went to Kinseys, the handgun ammo shelves were pretty bare. They had a couple of boxes of 20 hollow point .40 S&W but no fmj. They also had a 3 box limit on ammo. I left and went to the trop, their shelves weren't much better than Kinseys and they had a 2 box limit. I found two boxes of 50 fmj , the last two on the shelf and bought both, if there had been more I would have bought more. This hoarding of ammo is good for the manufacturers but it stinks for gun owners.
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It is tough...22 ammo is surprisingly the worst from what I've seen....

I saw guys standing by the ammo shelf at Walmart last week...I walked by...saw it was empty so I kept guy was at the counter buying an AR..

Continued my shopping and saw lots of mark downs....I went back thinking maybe guns were marked down...I better look! I go back...sales person one in line etc...but those guys were still standing by the ammo! My best guess is they were waiting for ammo! I've worked at Walmart... I know stock doesn't hit shelves till 9-11pm at about the was 4-5 pm when I was there! Just crazy!

If the hoarding would stop supplies would go back to normal.....but I guess if you can buy a brick of 22 ammo for 20$ at Walmart and sell it for 100$ on gun broker and can buy 3 bricks each trip...well you'd be doing alright!
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