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3B Smokepole hunt ?

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Men, I have a 3B tag, looking for suggestions for a late season rocklock hunt. I like to sit the first hour, then stillhunt or make drives. I am just not too familiar with 3B, looking for suggestions, and also, if a group could be put together from HPA, I am all ears.
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No place in particular. I hunted 3B years ago right around Williamsport with good results. Just looking for a new-to-me spot to try with some good guys.
Sounds good so far, heck we can have 25 guys! Lets see who else wants in before we make plans. I can tell you a neat Rose Valley Lake story. I once got charged there by a big brown rooster! As you leave the lake there is a farm on the left next to the road. I was on a very loud Harley, and was putt-putting past so not to disturb the farmer. My wife tapped my shoulder and pointed. A big ugly rooster was coming full bore for the bike. His head hit just under my boot, smack into the primary cover, a few kicks, some feathers, and he was dead, biker suicide I guess!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts