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300 Savage loads

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Got a big surprise for Christmas. I was talking to my cousin a while back about wanting a 300 Savage for a long time because it was the first rifle I used to kill a deer. However, I never found a nice one or one I was willing to dish the money out for. He came over a few days before Christmas and handed me a rifle in a gun sock and said, "Merry Christmas." Turned out to be a 1950 Savage. He said he looked at several rifles at a bunch of shops but did not find one he liked. He ended up giving me one from his collection. He owened the rifle for over 25 years but never shot it. He also gave me a box of factory Winchester loads for it. I took it to the range the other day and was able to shoot 3, 3 shot goups with it that were all at 1". When I showed him the targets, I don't know who was happier. Anyway, he recommended a load of 42.5gr of Accurate 2520 and 150gr Speer bullets because that load has worked well in his other 300 Savages. Haven't had time to load any yet but I'm looking for other loads to try.
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I load 42.0 IMR 4064 with 150 gr. Sierra. Have used that load with 150 gr. Hornady also. Rem. 760 Gamemaster .300 Sav. that I bought from my father for what he paid for it - $40.00. Note this load is slightly over Sierra's maximum load data.
My standard load for my .300 Savage is Remington cases, Federal 210 primers, IMR 4064 powder and 165 grain Hornady Interlock bullets. Muzzle velocity according to the Hornady manual is 2600 fps, though I'm sure I'm getting less than that. I have never had a deer take a step after getting hit with that load. They always go straight down. Shot a bear with it that ran about 15 yards but that was with the 180 Interlock.
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