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#3 was a bit of a pain...

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You guys have read of my issues in my "frustrated" thread. Well, this was one of the sets that I haven't had any trouble with. It's a big hole set stuffed with a muskrat carcass and a wad of grass on the side of a big mound of dirt. I set these whenever I can because they garner so much k9 attention. (I caught the neighbors dog in a similar set yesterday.) This mound was covered up in fox and coyote tracks. I couldn't get a stake to bite so I used a drag. Not much brush around but the field is unmowed so there's lots of big grass hummocks to get hung up on....or at least that was the plan.

I checked this set the other night and thought it was frozen down. Like a dummy I tapped the dirt over the pan and ended up with a nice 4 coiled k9 wolfer across all 4 fingers on my right hand. LOL

I checked the line this morning and the flag I had marking the location of the drag itself was down. We only had a skiff of snow but I could plainly see coyote tracks going straight into the set with no hesitation. I looked around with my flashlight and was having a really hard time finding a direction of travel and was really surprised to not see the animal hung up somewhere. I also found where it's mate was on the backside of the same mound. I wished I'd had 2 traps there. I did have another set about 25-30 yards away though.

I looked as long as I could but had to leave for work. I called my buddy who is the landowners son and gave him a heads up. Turns out his work for the day got cancelled so he said he'd go see if he could find it. A half hour later he called and said he'd found it. It was 500 yards from where the set was, tangled up in some brush. The pics will show how it made it that far.

3 down, 3 to go.

39 lbs male

I need to come up with a better drag solution.
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weld a bar up near the loop.

Glad you got your yote.
Them drags work ok in heavy brush but I like the conner tracker drags they will hang up in a cut hay field....

To fix your drags in a vice and squeeze them shut and weld or you can weld a swivel body on them
Wow, lucky find, glad you got it. Do like the other posters have said, pinch the drag shut and/or weld a bar to keep that chain out of there.

Adam said:
I checked this set the other night and thought it was frozen down. Like a dummy I tapped the dirt over the pan and ended up with a nice 4 coiled k9 wolfer across all 4 fingers on my right hand. LOL
I actually LOL'd when I read that, thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!
First time using drags so it's a learning curve. I'll definitely make a change ASAP.

As for catching myself, after I spit the dirt out of my mouth I told myself I was a dumb...well, you know. LOL I did chuckle afterwards about it.
That drag in the photo would work fine for fox but its too light for coyote. You need something heavier.
Ive always used a long branch as a drag. Of course it all depends where you are setting but I've had good luck using whatever is available in the location of my set as a drag.
X 2
Another thing to think about is how long the chain is that you use to attach the trap to the drag. (I recommend at least 6 feet. I've got about 6 feet of chain on my drags plus the 10 inches or so that come on the trap.) Maybe it was all open terrain but 500 yards is a long way not to get tangled around something.... I don't see a problem with the two prong drags (once you get the chain fixed to is properly) as long as you use a long enough chain... Just my 2 cents.. Glad you got the yote. Nice job.
6 ft chain on that same drag has stopped plenty of coyote and cats for me but that's always been in brush. good lession...i may have to modify my drags as mentioned above.
On the plus side, you must of had a major snow melt from how you were talking earlier..
This is my set up. 7' of chain with a box swivel mid way. Welded the S hook ends, pinched the drag tight top and bottom welded those spots and added a section of #5 rebar to the flat and welded it tight to the drag also for some added weight.

Did this for going after cats mainly but was setting for coyote as I went as well. Did not catch either of these in any of the sets with the drags to know how they would work on that size of a animal. However I did catch a grey fox in one, he hung up within 30 yards.

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I have 6' of chain and attach the drags to the link right above the bullet part of the chain stakes that I have attached to all my tracks with a MB crunch proof swivel and J-hooks. So between the chain on the trap and the chain stake and the chain on the drag, I have 7-8' of chain, 4 MB crunch proof swivels, AND a HD shock spring.

That drag will stop any coyote, even in just tall grass if it can bite, but it just got jammed up backwards so it was able to travel. I need to modify my chain to drag connection is all.
And yes the snow completely melted off! Which WAS awesome.

I say WAS because we got about 8" or more last night and it's still snowing and we're under a Lake Effect Snow Advisory until Wednesday! At least it's light and fluffy. I'm just going to let it fall and dig everything out later this week.
OH! Check this out! I bet that dog has seen a trap before! This was on his back left leg.
The MB Trailblazer drags are good drags..........I have had coyotes hung up in nothing but tall grass with them.....
Thanks bud!
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