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2B Sluggers and In liners sneakin into safety Zone

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Well I was on stand tonight in 2b. I am 80 yards from a house hunting posted land of which I have permission to hunt. 3 o' clock here come three guys in orange-2 carrying slug guns one with an in line. Two guys try to get even closer to the house than I was. 150 is the minimum to be away from a house with gun. I let the guys know that it is private land AND that there is a house not 60 yards away. These guys did leave but did they ever think that alot of the land is posted due to sluggers and gun hunters making residents nervous shooting too close to houses?

I d like to see certain areas of 2B go to bow hunting only. Its just a matter of time b4 some idiot shoots through a house and kills some one. Kids play in the woods around these areas and many of the sluggers only care that their legal even though it is un safe..Its really out of hand in certain areas. Well if they come back I guess Ill call the cops or PGC. No other option
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Well if they come back I guess Ill call the cops or PGC. No other option
PGC... safety zone violation. Doubt a local LEO would be all that interested.
Upset about someone in "your" spot or did they do something unsafe? HMMMMMMM
Bucky VA said:
Upset about someone in "your" spot or did they do something unsafe? HMMMMMMM
Looks like they were hunting well within a safety zone with firearms. I see it all the time in the SRA as well. Many times they drive these areas out in street clothes and say they are just out for a walk. Still a violation even if they are not carrying weapons.
Bucky VA said:
Upset about someone in "your" spot or did they do something unsafe? HMMMMMMM

Like DPMS said safety zone firearms. Obviously you have a reading issue. I saw nowhere where the gentleman said they were in his spot. He has a legitimate gripe.
Are you allowed to hunt closer than 150 yards from a residence if you have permission? Did these guys try to post up or were they just walking through...I read an article one time saying by using a rifle and having to stay 150 yards away elimates like 25% of wooded areas in PA, maybe more.
You can hunt in a safety zone with permission.
They had no permission(to get permission theyd have to get at least 10 home owners to give them permission to be in their safety zones.) and when confronted had no defense...Like I said I d like to see archery only areas in 2b. Many residents wont even see an archer going in and out of an area. Slug hunters -at least the ones Ive encountered have no care of being seen carrying guns through and around safety zones. Plus once they shoot people get nervous. I would. It leads to posted land. I see it happen yearly. I think alot of the sluggers are not local so really why would they care if more land gets posted here- theyll just go home and hunt there.
I also hunt very built up areas of 2B. Some of my best spots are scary tight. With that said, we cannot control the deer population with archery only. Archery is better than no hunting at all and the best option in many areas but I don't think on a large scale it would be beneficial at all to not allow firearms where they can be used.
No one should support anyone hunting in a safety zone without permission from the homeowners. And certainly the people who were doing that should be turned and prosecuted. I sense a bit of a derogatory tone toward a class of hunters - sluggers. There are many legal slug hunters who pursue the sport in an ethical and safe manner. Please be careful that you don't come across as stereotyping, unless that truly is your intent.
I also sense a bit of negative attitude towards hunters with a shotgun. I do allot of 2B hunting. I respect every piece of land and property line drawn, so do the guys. Hunt with, so don't cast such a wide blanket. You let them know and they left. Leave it at that.
Well it seems to happen every year so maybe just the ones I encounter violate safety zones?- leading to more and more posted land for the law abiding sluggers. I have no problem being called a "Bowhunter" or "Archer" I too hunt with a rifle but in Potter or Washington ctys. Just because some thing is legal doesnt make it sensible. I only have an opinion based on the encounters Ive had. There was no excuse- houses were in plain sight on 2 sides and another was over the hill but harder to see. Im SURE he wouldnt have turned around hadnt I been there...
Maybe because you are hunting in a safety zone? Kind of funny "BIGWOODSHUNTER" but hunting in little woods. I typically don't get in on posts like this but this one seemed to be profiling a specific hunter and It bothered me. I don't even think bow hunting should be allowed closer to a house. I just can't do it, I need to be in the woods.. I have a hard time huntin when I can see a house
Safety Zones- 50 yards for Bowhunters 150 yards for sluggers...Cant get to Gods Country after work...I would if I could but I cant afford a Private jet. I m limited to "little woods"
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