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OK I'm a little late this year but here we go.....
This plot is about 3/4 acre and is more or less a snack for the deer around my home. They have plenty to eat via mast, normal deer food ,landscaping and yards. My neighbor recently got permission to post our entire hunting area (due to Sluggers hunting too close to our houses) around 45-75 acres SOOO the food plot went in after it was posted. It is planted in clover and brassicas.My neighbor and I have imposed a size limit on bow killed bucks ie:we don't shoot unless their goin on the wall I will post cam pics later...

This half was planted a week ago.

Weeks worth of growth.

These last two pics are the remainder of the plot that I cleared off today. Takes a little time due to hand raking. The conditions are perfect for seeding rain later and humid temps for the next week...I ll probably fertilize in a few weeks after it s all growing...
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