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2A Rally - Chambersburg Pa . Sat. 4/6

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Thanks for the info, I'll try to get to that to.
it says in the article that all PA GUN LAWS need to be followed and will be enforced, wonder what that means about "open carry" , which as I understand it, is legal here ?? any input ?? I plan on attending, see you all there !! thanks for the heads up BOOTMUD .
The event today was attended by my estimate of 350 people, and I feel it was a very worthwhile event. I was amazed by the amount of women there, and families units in general. I seen only one TV station in attendance, WHAG NBC, out of Hagerstown Md., but it did appear that there were numerous newspaper reporters on hand, and others filming with video recorders, that didn't carry any logo credentials or affiliations. Please attempt to attend an event near you next time, I'm thinking that you will be glad that you did. that's my view from here.
I attended this event and was very impressed. The speakers were excellant! It was a very uplifting experience and although there was a decent crowd there, I only wish ALL quadrants of Chambersburg Square would have been packed with area gun owners/fellow Americans. I was certainly glad I went!
Yes Denny, thanks for attending and posting that you done so, I was pretty amazed myself, I seen quite a few Waynesboro people in attendance, That is my hometown, and glad folks made the trip up, and A Big thank you to Doug Shetron and all the Franklin County Patriot 9/12 people for putting on an excellent event !!
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