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Personally I do not like the quarter bores. but that is not your point. I am not sure why you say the 243 will out do the 250 Savage??

The 250 Savage has 2 names. Obviously 250 Savage is one of the names. But the other name was 250-3000. What that meant was the first 25 caliber cartridge to reach 3,000 fps-hence 250-3000. And 3,000 fps is the approx. max. velocity of a 100 grain bullet in a 243. So the 243 would not be a superior cartridge. The 250 Savage is definitely a better cartridge than the 243.

Please keep in mind that the original 3,000 fps bullet in the 250 Savage was an 87 grain bullet. But that was also made to shoot in their Model 99 lever action. The Modern 250 Savage in a good bolt action is a 3,000 fps cartridge with the 100 grain bullet. Which is basically the same velocity as a 243 Winchester 100 grain bullet, but with a better sectional density. So the 250 Savage or 250-3000 would make a better deer round than a 243, with basically the same recoil.

As I said above I do not care alot for the quarter bores. I have owned several. The only one I still own is a 257 Roberts. IMO the only two good quarter bore cartridges are the 250 Savage, and the 257 Roberts. This is about as good of a bullet as you can get with a rifle that is considered as a low recoil rifle. IMO it's bigger brothers(25-06 and 257 Roy) do not fit the bill like the Savage and the Bob. Why have a long action overbore cartridge?? Just an opinion.

As a reloading cartridge both the 257 Roberts and the 250 Savage as easy cartridges to reload for. I have reloaded both cartridges. These cartridges are easy on brass. And they work in nice lightweight short action rifles.

As much as I dislike quarter bores these two cartridges are probably the very best deer cartridges that money can buy for a kid, or a woman, or a recoil shy shooter. Tom.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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