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artsmag10 said:
Have fiddled with trapping foxes and with using an electric call.
When using the electric call, I always used a shotgun, rendering the hides unsaleable.

Here's my question: what type of 22 and 22 mag ammo do you recommend? Solid lead or hollow point?

My goal is to harvest foxes in order to sell the pelts.

I will tell you which ones NOT to use. The Federal Premium & CCI with the 30gr Speer TNT bullet. They WILL drop a fox in its tracks but you would swear you hit it with a .357 mag.

I have used Hornady 30gr Vmax. it is very accurate but I have not killed anything with it yet. If the bullet reacts like most Vmax type it'll go in small and frag not leaving an exit wound. Otherwise I would use a FMJ but expect 2 holes.
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