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I have some very potant 20ga loads I killed many turkeys (some in the air) with Is a 12ga 3.5 mag realy needed for geese?
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No but lead and steel shot are completely different if you use the 20 ga make sure there close and you shouldn't have a problem #2's and BB's I use for geese
just curious because alot of my fav shotguns are 20s a have a few 12s but the only one i shoot good is my K80 and that isnt goin into a blind
20 gauge will lay the whoop a$$ on ducks and geese. Lower pay load, but faster follow up shots due to less recoil. If Browning, Beretta, or Benelli made a left handed 20 gauge I would be waterfowl hunting with that exclusively.
bucksgobbler felt recoil is darn near the same in my 20s vs my 12s due to weight difference only thing i can figure is better patterns with large shot with the larger bore
1 ounce load of steel #2's or if you want to fork out the ching, some hevi shot #4s. Either one wil stone a big goose to 35 yards with the right choke and the hevi shot 4's to a bit further. My nephew's girlfriend came out with us a few times in the early season and she did VERY WELL on Spet. honkers to about 35 yards max with my 20 gauge turkey gun re-fit for wing shooting with Rem. Nitro Steel #2's. I aslo have some of the Heavy Metal "turkey" loads, for whatever they're worth. I think they're junk for turkeys, but boy do they blister a big goose!
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