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2018 Missouri Rifle Hunt

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Trying to do my homework for a 2018 Missouri whitetail Rifle hunt. I am really leaning toward B&B Outfitters. Does anyone have any experience with this outfitter, or can anyone recommend another guide service.

Any comments appreciated
Thanks in advance
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I'm not trying to start anything but...30-40 hunters per week. is that every week of the season ?

i dont think the big bucks or even the deer in general will like that kind of pressure. he must have thousands of acres to hunt on. does he have enough stands to rotate so that the one he puts you in has not been hunted for at least a week before you get there ?

Best of luck
like Whitetail Heaven in Kentucky. i think they run more than a hundred or two thru their camps in a season. they get some big deer and they brag that the average is a 140 class

but not everyone sees a big buck. they get their results with the sheer number of hunters in the woods, the more stands that get covered the better odds that someone is going to tag a big one.

and at 4 grand plus per hunter = $$$$$$ with those numbers

wherever you go, don't just talk to the outfitter, ask for references, successful and non successful ask every question you can think of. especially if this outfitter has people from TV shows in camp. you can bet your retirement fund that they will get the best spots that havent been hunted for more than a week and you get whats left over.

happened to me on a caribou hunt, the TV guys got moved to a better camp and we got left behind.
sounds good
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