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2015/2016 Triple Trophy Success!

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I was able to complete my Pennsylvania Triple Trophy for the 2015/2016 license year. It all started with a 200 lb female black bear from Allegheny County on the first day of bear season. This was my first bear ever, and it truly was a day I will remember for the rest of my life. A 30 yard shot from my Winchester model 1300 slug gun is all it took, and after a short tracking job I had my first ever bear down on the ground. Not to long after, on the first day of buck season, I was able to harvest an 8 point buck. This buck was also from Allegheny County, and my Thompson Center inline muzzle-loader found its mark that morning. This buck was a bit smaller than what I have taken in the last few years, but with little time to hunt due to being at college and a rough archery season, I was happy to take him. It all came down to spring gobbler, and I had high hopes of completing my triple trophy. On the first day, I had a gobbler come in on a string at 10 Am, only to have him circle me in the closing yards (like they love to do) and produce a miss. The first week came and went with very little hunting time due to finishing up my finals for college. That second week I planned to hit it every day, and it did not take long. The second Monday of the season in Armstrong County, I made it all come together. I heard this bird gobbling his head off on the roost, and I decided to close in on him and to not make a peep until he hit the ground. It did not take long, as I just got about to where I wanted to be, I heard wings flapping and he flew out of the tree out in front of me at about 75 yards. Frantically, I sat down right where I was at and he began to gobble again. I had no idea this bird was as close as he was, and I knew there was a good chance he would be in my face shortly. I decided rather than to begin calling, I simply scratched some leaves and made a little bit of noise with a stick. That was all he needed, he began gobbling his head off and closed the distance in no time. At 6 AM, his periscope came into view and a 25 yard shot from the Remington 870 sealed my triple trophy. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that were presented to me this season. To accomplish a feat that many will never do is something special, and especially special to me being it was my first year of college and I was able to get it done. On another note, I was also able to fill my second spring gobbler tag on Thursday the 19th with another great bird. Thank you for viewing, and good luck to all next season.

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Great season, and congrats on the triple trophy.
Outstanding, congrats!
Nice! Congrats!
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