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After having slow seasons for a few years, 2014 really picked up for me. I got two long beards in the spring (I invested $20 for the bonus tag) and the kills were almost 48 hours exactly between one another. Then I had very limited time to get a buck in archery, but it all came together. Then in fall turkey I only had three days to hunt but my dad and I got it done. He actually hit the bird first, it was heading away from us and I put the follow up shot on him and dropped him. Overall amazing season with even better memories.
Pic 1: First Long Beard in the Spring
Pic 2-5: Second Long Beard in the Spring
Pic 6: Feet and Beards From Both Spring Turkeys, Fan is From the Second One
Pic 7 and 8: Archery Buck
Pic 9: Fall Turkey

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