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The new Wicked Ridge Raider and Invader will be available with or without the built in cocking device this year. They will have a lower price without the Acu-52, but will include a rope cocker in the new package.
The best news for Wicked Ridge owners is the new string stoppers are now available for the Wicked Ridge line.

Ten Points new Stealth SS is my favorite in the Ten Point lineup. Very nice shooting bow. Very narrow and compact with the new bullpup design. 6.8 lbs. mass weight. 34.4 inches long with stirrup, 17.5 wide uncocked and 13.5 wide cocked. It read 79db. on my sound meter on my phone. It was the quietest conventional limb crossbow I shot according to my meter. I credit that to the new sound deadening barrel bedding they have in several of the new models. This bow fit me like a glove. I just might be using one this fall.

Triggers are much better than last season across the line. They have a new coating that makes for a cleaner, lighter break. These are some smooth triggers.

Omni Nock.
The new nock system from Ten Point is genius. No matter what vane you place in the barrel, you are ready to shoot. It's like a three sided moon nock that can't be indexed wrong. No more fumbling in the dark to make sure you have it indexed right.
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