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2013 T/C Arms Catalog

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S&W finally deleted the flintlocks from the T/C line!!! It is quite the shame that they abandoned the roots of the company!! I bet Mr. Warren Center is turning over in his grave!!! The gutting of T/C is nearly complete!!
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In this day and age, AR's and pistols far outweigh the money to be made selling flintlocks. Sad, but it was only a matter of time.
T/C and S&W will never get another dime from me. They have officially ruined T/C. I`ll buy used stuff, but never a dime towards snything new.
PA is the only state with a specific flintlock deer season. Since a good flintlock rifle lasts a lifetime or two, there's very little demand for these rifles. And most new flint hunters in PA are buying cheaper imported rifles.
This seems to be happening all across America in everything.Just like how Remmy ruined Marlin in seems like when a strong thrivin Co.gets bought out it ends in the dumps.
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Lets pray that Lyman does not get bought out and that RMC starts making the ACCUSPORTER again!!
I sold my Firestorm over the summer and only had minimal interest and ended up letting it go at a very low price. Months later my phone and e-mail went crazy with inquiries...Then I found out that they were no longer making flint guns.
There are so many of these rifles of all makes that they will never be in short supply or hard to find in our lifetime.Anyone that pays over what their worth because of T/C isn,t very educated on BP.
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looks like the traditions line of flinters is looking better all the time.
Lyman is better IMO
I am also done with T/C!! I will never buy any new products from them again!! As a matter of fact, the T/C decal on the back of my truck will be removed.
Just Saying
That,s why I,m upset too DC.Guys like us that supported them and gave em our hard earned money and got them to where they are today.They don,t care,so I don,t care for them either.The bad thing though is that we have to also boycott S&W who is behind all of this.I,d shore luv to hear from some TC,s employeees.I betcha they are highly upset as well as I reckon they will have layoffs.When Marlin was goin thru their buyout then shut down of their plant their employees would always get on a Marlin forum and talk about how they got screwed.They still do post about it as a matter of fact.
Sad day but the custom makers will reap the profit. People who realy want a flinter will gravitate to the folks who specialize in this.
Well it was down to No. 5043 Hawken Flint Lock Rifle, .50 Cal., the last time I looked.
Gone I guess with the 35 Rem. 336 Marlin, so I heard.

Was just looking at the companies I use to work for that no longer exist. Even my birth hospital, school and church are gone.

Problem you see as you get older.
There a few Ex-T/C employees that started LHR Sporting Arms. I like what I see so far they only have one inline out so far BUT am hopeful they will return to their roots and make a flintlock or two.
I am not only done with T/C but S&W also!!!
Just finished looking at the LHR site very interesting inline, I sure they will start making other barrels for their rifle.
With the advent of was only a matter of time Flintlocks would be dropped.
TC also priced themselves out of the market.
I paid $115 new for my Hawken back when.

I think if RMA is getting back into it, they can make a killing. I just hope they make a more traditional gun as well.
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