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2013 March For Life

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Friday Jan. 25 between 300,000 & 500,000 people from all over this country & from some other country will be marching in Washington D. C. to protest the murder of 3,500 innocent children that are murdered each day. 1.3 million a year. They are living, heart beating , chilren that will be cut to pieces in their mothers womb !!! Where is the outrage ? Where are the whining liberals & thier political correctness ? Oh, I forgot this is Obama's women's health care !!! REALLY ?? You will not see this on the news, because the democrat controlled news media do not want you to see this. Fox news will have some coverage. The best coverage will be on the Catholic station EWTN. If you cannot attend please pray for an end to this atrocity. I hope to see you there.
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