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2012's biggest fish

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this guy joseph zajko is full of look at all of the categories...he managed to catch 3 7 plus pound lmb in a week...a 7 lb smb in that same time period...also a 41 lb flathead cat 2 weeks later...ahahahha...what a talker!

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State records have to be witnessed(at weighing) by a PFBC biogist. They must also be weighed on a certified(sticker from Dept of weights+measures) scale. Most tackle shops are not using certified scales(are you going to pay the fee on the odd chance someone will catch a record)

I haven't sent any in for awhile but I have sent them in on my own(icefishing when I wanted to release the fish) in the past(never sent a picture) I have had strangers witness(sign the app)the weight + measure never had one rejected. There was no C+R catagory back then(80-90's) My last one that went thru a bait shop was my bullhead in 01(biggest that year) and she even got to swim away(stayed alive in my cooler

Going by the PFBC lenght/weight ratios some do seem to be off. but looking at older records who knows
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