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2012's biggest fish

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this guy joseph zajko is full of look at all of the categories...he managed to catch 3 7 plus pound lmb in a week...a 7 lb smb in that same time period...also a 41 lb flathead cat 2 weeks later...ahahahha...what a talker!

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c'mon man...that's a little ridiculous...a 10lb, 8 plus lb...7 plus lb lmb...a 7 plus lb smb and a 41 lb flathead in 2 weeks time...ehhhhh...not so sure
i think if u want to win one of those awards pictures must be submitted
or else maybe he needs a new scale...cuz i have gotten quite a few lmb over 22" with the biggest being 23.5" in my life...I would probably say my heaviest fish might have been pushing just over 7 lbs on a good day...he has 21.75" fish that are almost 8 lbs...and he also measures the length and girth of one of his bass at 22.11" length and 17.99 girth...who measures a bass to such an exact length???? if your being picky you break it down to 1/4 inch...this guy is ridiculous!
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