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2012's biggest fish

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this guy joseph zajko is full of look at all of the categories...he managed to catch 3 7 plus pound lmb in a week...a 7 lb smb in that same time period...also a 41 lb flathead cat 2 weeks later...ahahahha...what a talker!

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I'm pretty sure getting them weighed is part of the application process. That and length and girth measurements with a witness. At least it was when I submitted my steelhead and brook trout. Not too easy to talk your way into those records. Get on there once, it is pretty much luck. Get in there that many times and it is most likely someone who knows what they are doing and does alot of fishing. Congrats to that guy. I'm sure he earned it. I know Shawn Kurtz who is in one of the catfish cateories. He does a ton of fishing. I don't think I could fish as much as he does. That is most likely the type of person you will find in these records.
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