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The 2012 season had its ups and downs for me. I was invited "on business" to go to Colorado in October to hunt elk. The trip was unbelievable. I was supposed to hunt for 6 days, starting on Saturday, but ended up extending my trip by 3 days. I saw Elk every day and bulls every day but one. We were 4 days into our trip and I just couldn't put it altogether. The elk were either too far or moving too fast. At the end of the fourth day, I decided to delay my flight by a few days. I knew I was getting close and a snow storm was moving in, which I hoped would change my luck. On Friday, when I was supposed to be boarding the plane, I was watching a big bull make his way through the aspens below me. When he finally hit a big opening, I started shooting. The first shot was in the boiler room, but the elk didn't move. I hit him a second time, a third time, and finally a fourth time, before his legs started to wobble. I wasn't sure how big the bull was but knew he was legal for the area. I was surprised when I finally got my hands on him.

After returning from Colorado, I hunted Pa and Ohio as hard as I could. It was a challenging archery season for me. I had numerous trail cam pics of big deer in both states, but was never able to catch up with one of them.

I was fortunate to take a nice Pa deer with my bow during the last week of archery. Strangely, I had logged a couple of hundred hours on stand during the archery season and this buck showed up less then a minute after getting on stand for the afternoon hunt.

Additionally, I hunted Nebraska for 7 days but never saw a deer that excited me. EHD in the midwest really did a number on the deer herd this year.

I bow hunted Ohio all of Thanksgiving week and 6 days of gun season. I saw one nice buck on opening morning of gun season and the rest of the season was spent bird watching
Its very frustrating when you can see rubs on trees big enough to hang a stand in and trail cam photos of a dozen slammer bucks and you spend your day watching birds and squirrels
Next year is right around the corner.

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