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I have not been on here in a few years but i've been enjoying my visit to the site again tonight. Ill be returning often i hope.
i wanted to share my pictures of my first archery buck that i killed this past season. i took him on October 20th at 7:30am. I grunted him off a 4 point and had him come right up to 18 yards where I hit him at. He made it about 65 yards before he hit the ground. I stayed in my stand and called my dad to come help me track him. That was the longest hour i had ever waiting. once my dad came i pointed to where i shot him at and he waited for me there. When I got to my father I took about 5 steps to where i saw first blood, and from there i could see a white patch of a belly laying about 60 yards away. this may have been the best hunt I have ever had!!


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Very nice.
In all the years I've been hunting, the only thing that compared to getting my bucks with archery gear is shaking my 16 year old sons hand when he got his first this fall.

Congratulations to you and your dad!
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