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Standing Stone Traditional Archers
of the Juniata County Sportsmen's Association, Inc.
9891 Route 333, Port Royal, Pa 17082

<u>February 7</u>--20 3-D targets(frozen gound pending)
<u>March 14th</u>--20 3-D targets
<u>April 11th</u>--20 3-D targets
<u>June 18,19 and 20</u>--<u>Traditional Archery Rendezvous</u>--Details will be posted later or call Brett Kauffman at 717-535-4390 or email [email protected]
<u>August 8th</u>--20 3-D targets
<u>September 18-19th</u>--Call or email for more information on this shoot
<u>November 14th</u>--20 3-D targets

No mechanical release aids
No string walking
No sights of any kind
No wheels or cables
Arrows of aluminum, wood and carbon are allowed

All one day shoots will start at 8am
we shoot rain or shine

For more informaiton on the traditional archey shoots please contact Brett Kauffman at 717-535-4390. You can also get some more details at
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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