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2010 Hoyts

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I'm looking to get a new Hoyt. Have any of you guys tried the new Hoyt Maxxis or Alphabuner.
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I'll be trying the Alpha burner this week or next. I was told by the proshop manager (and long time Hoyt Shooter) that the new Maxxis is smoother to draw than the Alphamax. I'm going for speed this time for 3D's. I'll keep my Alphamax 32 for hunting.
I've decided that my 10 yr old Hoyt Deviator will be retired at the end of the year. I've been on Archery Talk site and from what guys are saying that if you have an Alpha Max, the upgrade to the Maxxis is not a big difference. They only thing that i have not seen is the prices. I've started by bow fund and hope to have one by June at the latest.
Has anyone tried out the turbohawk....... if so, what are your thoughts on it
My Alphamax 32 will be fully decked out and mailed tomorrow---in time for late season-----yipppppiiiieeeee------HHA DS 5519 sight QAD PROSERIES HD camo---rest-----scoil stab, peep, string loop-----bow is now paid for --- 640 to the door thenanother 160 for sight 115 for rest, --- 75 for shipping hard case. loop--peep---set up and paper tuned for free.
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