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Well there is a Mathews thread, and I took some heat for criticizing the fact the Mathews didnt do a whole lot as far as "innovation" this year, and how Bowtech has apparently copied them. I decided to start a new thread with not only the new Bowtechs, but some others as well. It looks to me however, that Bowtech has come out with some new "innovations" this year. And there are some other bows that may make some waves.

Bowtech has come out with their new line of bows. They redesigned their binary cam system to include a 100% tunable split buss cable that is attached to a totally new axle system, went to laminate limbs, added a flexible cable guard that reduces cable torque and lateral nock travel, new limb pockets, and a completely new riser design on the Destroyer models. Oh and they still have rotating modules to change draw length. No cam replacement. 340 fps from a 7" brace height bow, and 350 fps from the 6" brace. Again, I dont shoot Bowtech, I dont even own one anymore, but they obviously came out with some new technology this year. I have not shot one yet, but I will, along with the others, just so I can criticize it too. I have a feeling the draw cycle will be harsh, but who knows.

Hoyt has also released some new bows. The carbon matrix, as most people have heard, as well as a 6 inch brace height alphaburner, and Maxxis 31 and 35, which appear very similar to the alphamax, just a few fps faster. Obviously the carbon matrix is stacked with innovation, with the hollow carbon tube riser. Of course they introduced a new target bow, which I'm sure won't be as expensive as that carbon matrix, but close.

PSE put Omen cams on the XForce Dream Season, and has again been able to acheieve incredible speed, over 350 fps with a 6.5 inch brace height. The super short also got omen cams, and gets 348 fps with a 6.75 inch brace. The draw cycle is good, but not great. The bowmadness line remains, and is probably the best single cam line on the market for the price. They have always been super quiet bows, with great speed, and an awesome draw cycle.

Elite came out with one new model, the Judge. Same best in the industry barnsdale limbs, same incredibly smooth drawing two-track binary cams, but with a 6 inch brace height, and even more speed. No doubt a contender in the speed bow category. I'm sure it will also be priced better than the rest as well. When it comes to quality and performance, you wont beat this line of bows for the price.
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