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2009 in Pictures

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Looking back through the photo files and folders from 2009, I had a tougher time than I had imagined, narrowing down the field to a couple dozen pics. Provided my photobucket allowance holds up to the pressure, here is my outdoor photo summary of 2009.

Keep in mind that I'm far from a professional photographer, and my equipment is just a point and shoot Sony, so I'm doing the best I can with what I've got.
Tried to avoid the traditional grip-n-grins as much as possible, but couldn't resist on a couple.
I posted a few of these earlier in the year as well.

January: Took the family on a short trip to the sunshine state.

Taking a walk at the Ding Darling Refuge on Sanibel Island, looking (unsuccessfully) for gators.

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In March, we picked up an Arabian mare, for our horse-lover daughters. This is obviously not a March pic, but . . .

Trout Season rolled around:

Note the cast on the right arm in the above pic. Yep, direct result of the acquisition illustrated by the first pic in this post.

A dingy, but succesful red, along the way on a turkey scouting mission.

And a pic that brings back good memories of a successful morning.

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Hatteras Sunrise (June)

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Ontario "man" trip.

My best fishing buddy with his first-ever walleye. Not a big one, but satisfying, none-the-less.

Algonquin Sundown

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A curious doe in mid October.

And an October doe in the snow.

I can't pick a favorite from my Wyoming trip with my dad, but here are two. If you missed it and want to see a bunch more, go here: Wyoming Thread

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Thanks, Dawg.

And finally Minnesota, another trip from which I've already posted plenty of pics: Minnesota Thread

May post a few more when I get to the other 'puter.
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Looks like 2009 was a great year. Very nice pictures.
Great looking pictures!

You don't need a 1000 dollar camera to make good photo's. Any point and shoot will make great photo's. It the Photographer who make the great photo's. Well done keep up the good work.
well done, great shots, can't wait to see this years!
Super photos!
Neil, Great pictures! No turkey photo's?? Thanks for sharing those moments they were great to see.
looks like you had a great year!!
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rsmithpa said:
Neil, Great pictures! No turkey photo's??

Kill a nice tom and you still had to lug back all the camera equipment...poor guy, life's just not fair.
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LoL, yeah, I'm gonna have to dock that camera guy's pay.
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