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Harvested my last buck in 2004. Since then I have been tending to my trapline every time deer season rolled around.

I "went out" sometimes, but never got serious and never really cared to harvest one. I was just happy to get a couple hours in the woods and then "back to the trapline."

With a potential career change in the near future,
I thought it was time to try to harvest a buck this year, as it may be the last chance for me to be on the slug-gun end of enjoying the first day of buck season in Pennsylvania..

Toughed out the rain this morning in Allegheny County. Saw 4 buck and about 12 doe. This was the 5'th buck I saw today while in my stand. Looked good and healthy with enough points, so I dropped this 8 point at 100 yards with a Lightfield out of my Mossberg 695 bolt action slugger.

If this is my last year hunting "first day", that's O.K. with me because it was an enjoyable day out in the woods enjoying the great outdoors with family.

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