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Once again the seasons have come and passed, how could four months have gone so fast? The hunters moon is gone again but natures fruit has been harvested by all! Be it meat in the freezer, a trophy for the wall, or simply countless memories to reflect upon. Guns are oiled and stored away, stands brought home until the autumn breezes come again.

Reloading some shells and my trusty trail cams will help to pass the time until the first hints of spring are sprung. Preparing a few food plots will get me out, some winter trimming must also be done. Soon enough thunderous gobbles will fill my mind but until then i will reflect upon the successes of the past year! the successes were great and failures few, but for some reason the failures fail to get to me at all!

Some memories to share:

MY favorite stand!

High up in Moshannon

First archery buck

Bucks of 2008

Maddix's first deer

Saturdays scene!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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