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BWH, having hunted for elk out in Idaho and seeing how the deer are out there(not many but big), you will have to go after this deer seriously and this deer alone. While you don't see as many deer as you used to, the upside is you dont have the competition either that your area once had. One bad move by another hunter could easily ruin your best laid plans. We experienced it with elk when someone came in and put to much pressure on them and shut them down. My advice to you would be to scout as much as you can, and keep quiet about this monster and his location. When the season starts it will be you against him, one of you will win. Hopefully you get a deer earlier with your ML, so you don't feel the urge to shoot something less then you wanted. Enjoy this game of cat and mouse with the "king" because once the kids start hunting, you will have to give up on him and start hunting for your kids, which means easier deer, and more people after them. It's the difference now of going after a trophy instead of lucking in to one. Consider yourself lucky that you can hunt like this in a unpressured area, most people don't get that chance even in archery season.
1 - 1 of 108 Posts
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