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20 ga Pro Hunter

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I am looking to get a 20ga Pro Hunter barrel, was curious of what accuracy to expect and what seems to be the prefered slugs. I have an Endeavor 209/50 barrel and am not overly impresed with it's accuracy, but have noticed it improved by going back to good old black powder. my 204 ruger and 300 win mag barrels will both shoot 5 shot dime size groups. Any chance the 20 will group decent?
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That 209 .50cal should shoot a ratty hole at 100yds with 110 gr of pyrodex loose powder and a 295 powerbelt. Every other T/C does weather it is a omega, pro hunter or triumph.
I agree. I have tried 777 Pellets, 777 loose and FFG Goex. I will get some Pyrodex and also try that. I did find a significant improvement going back to the Goex and I believe it was at 110gr. The other barrels shoot great and I am hopeing the 20 ga slugs will also. I am just not in the mood for 12ga slug abuse.
If it is comming from T/C it will shoot. We've only had trouble with a 7mm-08 10" barrel that wouldn't shoot factory ammo. I reloaded for it, now it is shooting a ratty hole at 100 yds.
Gut your barrel from tc pro shop a 20g flutted barrel will cost about 310dl.try horndry sst slugs they shot will good.
I have tried the Hornaday SST, Federal Expanders, Federal Expander tipped, Winchester Platnium and the Winchester Partitions going to pick up some Remingtons and see how they group. So far the SSTs and the Partitions show the most promise but not really impressed, maybe i am expecting too much. Anybody else have a 20ga Prohunter and what do you use?
tried the Rem bonded and solid copper along with the Buckhammer. I also tried far the most consistant was the Buckhammers. I have yet to get what I would call a decent group and have probably shot $200 worth of slugs. I think before I go any farther I am going to try and pillar bed the forearm. Has anybody else had this problem?

I bought a Hastings Barrel (Cantilever scope) for my Rem 870 and was never impressed with it.

The fact guys say you have to buy all these differant slugs is just a cop-out to me. I have shot better groups with the cheapo rifled slugs out of a smooth skeet barrel on my 870.
The shotgun sabot slugs are real expensive....I too have decided that I am going to use Foster this year since I will be hunting in HEAVY cover....I shot the 20 gauge Model 500 slug gun today at the club and at 50 yards it accurate enough for shots from point blank to 50 yards.... $3.49 for 5 Foster 20 gauge slugs at Wal-mart VS $up to $17.00 for 5 sabot slugs at Dicks and or Dunhams.....The Fosters win!!!!!!!!!!!
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