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20 ga on clays

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Was wondering how many of you use the 20ga exclusively on clays? I like my 12 O/U but even with light loads after about 50-60 rounds the recoil starts to affect my shooting.
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You'll have no disadvantage using the 20. Many target loads for the 20 are like reduced 12g loads. You'll be giving up 1/8oz of shot for sporting. Most competitors shoot 1 oz of #7 1/2 or #8's in the 12g. Max load for sporting with the 20 is 7/8 oz which is what many of us practice with in the 12.
Thanks, that's kind of what I figured looking at the payloads. I don't shoot tournaments, just recreational.
Funny this came up here. During hunting season, I decided to shoot my daughters 870 WM 20 ga. for wood ducks, teal, and doves. I shot the heck out of that thing, seemed like everything I pointed at, died. I was estatic of how well I shot that gun. So I took it trap shooting 2 Sundays ago. I shot my first two rounds with my 12 Ga. Citorri, shot a 24 and a 22, good enough for me. Then the 3rd round, I took out the 20 ga. 870. Big mistake!!! I couldn't hit a bird with it, I ended with a 5!!!! Hopefully I can still shoot birds with it, but I know it's the last time it will be on the trap line....
Its all in the timing dmccoy1 . That heavy Citori swing speed was half that of the 20ga. When I switched from trap to clays I had guys with .410's out shooting me with a 12ga. NO one gun can do everything at the highest standard. All guns will brake what they hit. We use the sub gauges in clays to teach us not to over swing with the big guns. The number one fault with any of the clay disciplines is over swinging and stopping the gun allowing the bird to scream by untouched.
Just a mind game I think, I just don't understand how I can hit a dove or a teal mid flight, but not a easier targer(in my opinion) , like a clay bird shooting trap...

Really messed with my head for a while.
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