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#2 down

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Got doe #2 this morning at 9:00. 50 cal. NEF Sidekick,100 grs.777 pellets,295 gr. Powerbelt hollow point. Was set up in the same place I was Monday when I got doe #1. Watching an old power line right of way. 4 doe came out on top of the right of way. 2 came down my way feeding. Took this one at 25 yards. Complete pass thru heart/lung shot. She did go about 50 yards,across the right of way and into the woods, before dropping,but as you can see in the second pic,good blood.

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Congrats Tom those 295 power belts do the job enjoy those steaks.
Great job, your freezer is filling up quick.
i'm still working #1. maybe tomorrow will be productive. I am taking my 13 year old out tomorrow and friday. He is taking the new 30/30 and I am taking the 54 cal sidelock. Sounds like a great combination for a father/son double. keeping fingers crossed.
nice shot
Congrats! You're unstoppable this year!
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Congrats!! Sidekick strikes again
I have the wood/blued version and wouldn`t trade it for the world. As a side, I heard Remington is thinking of having H&R bring the Sidekick back out with a few tweaks. I sure hope so
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Nice work and congrats
Thanks all. Got one more antlerless tag and gonna save it for the regular firearms season. May try and take one with the pistol if the shot is there.
very nice and to top it off, using open sights, good for you
congrands. nice shooting.
When I hunted with my inline 100 grof 777 and the 295 gr Powerbelt hollow points are AWESOME!!
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