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Wish it were that easy. it isn't. Part of the gig is having courts.

Posted this earlier to a similar statement:

All of us celebrated the Heller decision and then McDonald. They together solidified the 2nd in a way they never had been before.

That said, the court in Heller clearly, and in several places, said that reasonable restrictions were allowed by federal and state government.

Just as there are restriction and rules on each of the other amendments to the constitution.

So we are in a place where about any law passed at any level is going to be challenged in the courts until their is a body of law sorting all this out. Thus will be the course for the laws in Colorado, New York, Maryland, and I am sure anything passing congress - if anything passes at all.

All of us celebrate our enumerated rights in the state and federal constitutions. With that is the implication of embracing all of those documents and the decisions of the courts to interpret them.

America is a country based on law. The rule of law - the set procedure for finding a course via the courts for redress.

So, as much as we revel in Heller and McDonald, they stripped away many decisions of the past. So each new law since those decisions is open to constitutionality and validity.

As many here, in the NRA, and elsewhere have said often, we can not pick and chose what amendments we like or don't like. It is a package deal.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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