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Guys there will be a call making competition being held in PA for the first time. This first one I know is going to be short notice. It is an NWTF event and there will be medals given. There is no registration fee to enter. All proceeds from the online auction will go back to NWTF and most of the funs will go towards Jake memberships and such. I have the entry forms, and contest rules in PDF if anyone would like them.

Please PM me if interested. I am just the middle man on this just trying to get the info out there. Calls will be needed to be sent in before the beginning of September. There are some other benefits if you send your calls in early as well. They will be displayed at the Allegheny Mountain Chapter banquet, and I believe you will get some tickets for the banquet as well.

I will try and check this page more frequent and try to help with any questions you all may have, but like I said I am the middle man just trying to get the word out. Next years event will have much more time to get ready and such.


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