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1st catch in 30 years...

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I haven't set a trap since my early teens. Never caught much..a couple coons, opossums, skunks and lucked into a mink. Decided I wanted to do it again. So I only bought 6 #2 traps and 2 DP coon traps. Haven't had time to set any until this past Sunday morning. Wife and I set 4 fox sets and 2 coons sets. Monday morning check..NOTHING....but this morning the 1st set I checked had a young female Red Fox bouncing around waiting for me. Nothing special but I sure was excited. My 1st fox ever.. Caught it in a Hay Set that I read about on here. Never tried it before! I'm hooked again. Can't wait to check again tomorrow morning!
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Congratulations, you will be hooked on trapping now.
awesome!...great to see you back in the swing of things.
Awesome story! Congrats to you!
Congrats to you
It's been 30 yrs for me as well. Those hay sets sure beat those dirt holes we were taught as yougsters, huh? Cutt
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great job HM ......just like ridin a bike huh?
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