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I have a couple savage rifles which all shoot good. Ive never had the 93, but I do have a MKII in 22lr that shoots good. Having said that, I have a 22 mag now and had another and I just sold my 917. I had to many rimfires and I seldom shoot them anymore. The 917 I had shot amazing groups at 100 yards and the guy I sold it to is one happy fella. Can't beat the Marlin rimfires IMO, although I like my MK II, it's not quite as accurate as my marlins. If you lived closer, I'd let you shoot my 882 22 mag and you'd try to run off with it once you saw what a 5 shot group @ 100 yards from that thing looks like. Its the best one I've ever had. My other 882 shot good to, but not like this one. Must have been the first one when they changed tooling....its scary
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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