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i was at the erie maritime mmuseum tonight and i saw some interesting facts that i most certainly will get some wrong but bear with me here for a few seconds.

during the battle of 1812 we were vastly outnumbered, incredibly outnumbered. we had 7,000 men in the Army and the navy had 12 ships

the British had 250,000 men and 500 ships

we had more than 100,000 militia with state of the art weaponry.

we were also vastly outnumbered during the War for our independence, the main difference was once again THE MILITIA

when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, they would not land troops on our soil and try a land attack. they knew it would be the end of them because of the armed citizens of the United States "a gun behind every bush"

when they talk about "waking the sleeping giant" they arent talking about our military, what they meant then and what they know and mean now is that.....

the SLEEPING GIANT is us, the law abiding gun owners that are willing to stand tall, stand together as one, in unison and defend America from any enemy, foreign or domestic.

the estimated number of law abiding armed citizens in the United States is .....80 MILLION

that is the worlds largest MILITIA...if we ban together, those rumors that are flying around about gun confiscation, fema camps, etc.. wont happen, cant happen because the giant will WAKE UP and stomp someones butt once again.

We are AMERICA, they work for us, get busy, send messages and put them on notice.

Thank You

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Amen Brotha!

BTW, I read one of the autobiographies of a guy named HL Mencken. He was a journalist for the Baltimore Sun at the turn of the last century or thereabouts. His views on the role of government would put him squarely in the "libertarian" camp.

Anyway, in one of his pieces he said in public school in Baltimore when they talked about the war of 1812, of course the "battlefield" is right there at the harbor. Apparently a local hero was a young kid who climbed into a tree w/a rifle and shot the British admiral dead while he was standing on the deck watching one of the bombardments.

Imagine a HS teacher today glorifying some 12 year old kid w/no background check, no registered weapon, being a hero for taking a rifle w/o anyones permission and shooting somebody.

But we'd be fools to dismiss the fact that during the Revolution and the war of 1812 there were plenty of people under 18 who just showed up and started shooting the bad guys. It's part of our heritage and history.

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