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.17 hornet

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Who's buying one?I was a little intrigued when I heard about this little cartridge but can't bring myself to buy an ugly savage model 25.I had a hornet in the ruger 77 and could never get that gun to shoot anything so their offering really doesn't excite me.A couple days ago I heard CZ is offering it in their model 527.Without a doubt I'll be picking one up as soon as I can find one.I don't expect it to do anything magical but it's neat enough that I have to have one.I missed out when remington was chambering the .17 in the model seven.
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Hey guys I'm new on the site. Just killed my first coyote with the 17 hornet and it did a nice job. She was about 80 yards at night and I hit her back some but it was enough to put er down although she did run about 100 yards. Pin hole in of coarse and turned the inside to jello. Can't wait to try some hand loads!
here's a pic of the coyote I killed with the 17 and a 3 shot group at 100 yards
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Those were just factory loads, 20 gr vmax. I been waiting over 2 weeks for brass. Shooting times has a good article about reloading the 17. Be careful they say just a tenth of a grain can cause excessive pressures. I noticed with the savage there is a feed issue when working the bolt slow.
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