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.17 HMR

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Just bought a Marlin .17 HMR a couple of weeks ago and am really impressed with the power and accurracy.Yesterday while sitting in my blind deer hunting I had a wild boar come out just before dark.One shot right below the ear is all it took . BY THE WAY I WAS NOT USING THE .17 TO HUNT DEER WITH I had my 25-06 with me . I have been taking the .17 with me for varmints and this is a first kill with it.
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I got one a couple of years ago and love it more every time I shoot it. 100 yard squirrel shots are common with my .17. My poor .22's haven't been shot since I got it. What a gun!
The last couple of gun shows I have been to were awash in .22 rifles. I wonder why?
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