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17 acres cut

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The land that I have permission to hunt has been select cut over the hunting season. The area has been void of 400 trees , opening up the parcel tremendously. Any suggestions as to planting in the new open grid ? The owner plans on building their home in 4 years ,so in the next few I am thinking new growth will attract deer for sure . Thanks....Finn
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find a good sturdy tree and put up a ladder stand and let mother nature re-seed with poke weed and stump sprouts. some of the best hunting is yet to come on that parcel.
Four hundred trees sounds like a LOT of timber , but it actually looks quite promising. A good three benches adjoining wooded parcels . I will study patterns of travel in the winter snows . Thanks ,pumpgun .
Agreed, post timbering has a honeymoon period all on its own where you can have some fun without too much work. Mine is unfrotunately ending now from the previous owners timberings and it is time for me to change that.

Just watch for invasives that may now be getting light, short of that. Like pump said, get some comfy stands in good spots and watch it.
Invasives like striped maples ? Thanks ,RB.
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